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Affordable keepsakes in modern styles! Offering a variety of Personalized and Handstamped Jewelry pieces that inspire, delight, and celebrate the joys in life! Jewelry here is designed not only for wearing, but to spark a special memory and even show off those people and things that you love the very most. Isn't it fun to be able to help create something? We make jewelry that can be ordered with your preference of color, initial and many special touches to make it just right. We make jewelry that is inspired by YOU!


Started in 2006 as a small handcrafted art & jewelry booth, I traveled around the San Francisco Bay Area with my paintings and jewelry creations in hopes others might love them as much as I did. I opened up a little shop and soon enough my hobby was a business! Fast forward to now, Sunshine Native has stretched and grown with me and my family. It traveled with us while living abroad, and has been influenced by my family, children, pets and even my mental health. I hope to spark a bit of inspiration and nostalgia with everything I create. Thank you for visiting!



Leisa Waldron


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