Keep your jewelry looking like new!

HAND-STAMPING  By ordering hand stamped jewelry you are guaranteed a one of a kind piece. Hand stamping differs from engraving because each letter is hand stamped individually and will differ in its own way per depth and position.  Stamped jewelry is often loved for its imperfections that make each piece unique. We stamp each item as it is typed into our notes section, so please take care to make sure it is what you want.  Enjoy your one of a kind item! 

JEWELRY CARE  Make your jewelry last longer!  You can turn any piece of jewelry into a keepsake, even if it isn't fine metal.  Here are some tips for keeping that jewelry like new!


  • cleaning, using harsh chemicals
  • putting on lotions, perfumes, and other beauty products
  • showering or swimming in a pool


  • use warm water and mild soap then rinse and pat dry
  • polish with a soft cloth
  • dry your jewelry before storage.  Gold, silver, copper and brass can tarnish or be left with water spots.
  • try not to let the pieces touch to avoid scratches
  • store in a dry & air tight container like a plastic bag


PLEASE REMEMBER to ALWAYS keep jewelry out of reach of children/babies