Blessed cuff

"blessed" cuff

A simple word phrase stamped on an easy wear cuff!  Choose your color, and stamping style.  Can easily be adjusted to slip on and off your wrist comfortably. These cuffs are our skinny 1/4 width.

      Lettering Style:

      • Choose our "bare naked" style (not blackened) or the classic black inked style.

        Color Options:

        • Silver: Our silver is made from "German Silver" which is a great alternative to sterling silver!  Hypoallergenic for those with silver allergies. 
        • Brass:  A rich warm yellow reminiscent of gold.
        • Raw Copper: Shined to the perfect rose gold.

        *Listing is for ONE "blessed" Cuff only.

        **Please see our current packaging/shipping information HERE.

        blessed cuff

        Lettering Style
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