Vision Board 101 - How To Create Your Vision for 2019

January 11, 2019

Vision Board 101 - How To Create Your Vision for 2019

When I sat down and thought about my goals for 2019 I decided on a vision board! A vision board can help with visualize your goals and can be a daily affirmation through tough days. It can give you strength to push through or help you make choices that will get you closer to your goals. It helps your vision become a reality. Bring some sunshine to your 2019 and put together a vision board for yourself.

Vision Board 101 - How To Create Your Vision for 2019. my vision board magazine clippings

Here are the steps in putting together a vision board:

1. Know what your dreams and goals are for the year ahead - family, career, personal and what you want to achieve. 

2. Collect all your supplies - A large board, magazines, glue, markers, scissors, etc. 

3. Cut out all images and words that are representation of your goals and paste them on the board. 

4. Hang your vision board somewhere that you can see and be reminded of your goals. 

I had such a fun time putting together my own vision board for 2019. Take a peek at Sunshine Native's vision board for 2019:

Here is the beginning phases of putting it together. Cutting anything and everything out that appeals to me. We ended up with more words than pictures but that’s ok!

Here is the my finished vision board:

Here are some up close parts that are my favorite!

I HATE cooking, like loathe it.  So these words next to food means I’ll be keeping it simple, yummy and being thankful for it hoping my kids will jump on board as well and follow suit.

New year, new me, new SUNSHINE NATIVE!  Not going to overextend myself, and try to stay consistent.

Finding my local girl gang.  I’ve got friends in church, school, sports etc.  But this year I’m growing my boss babe tribe.  Positive, determined, like-minded people, and I already feel a difference having meet-ups with these ladies!

I can't wait to see my vision come to reality this year. Wishing you all the best in 2019 and have fun putting together your vision board for 2019!


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