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Find your happy place.


    Welcome to my studio!  This workspace is a constant work in progress.  There always seems to be re-organizing, redecorating, and clean-up happening weekly.  I spend so much time in there jewelry making, but also talking with my kids, face-timing my husband, creating new things, writing down ideas, hammering out stress (it's true therapy!), listening to my favorite books and songs.  It is truly my "happy place"!

Leisa and her handstamped collections

    I have always found happy places since I was young.  When I was 5 my favorite spot was behind our apartment, sitting on the steps where I remember eating warm muffins my mom baked.  At 10 years old it was our living room where I would make up choreographed dances to songs by Michael Jackson and Madonna, haha.  When I was 16 my happy place was at a counter in the middle of the house where I would paint and draw.  My mom was nice enough to let me take over that space with my artistic messes.  No matter where these places have been, I have had the same feelings of confidence, safety, happiness and love.

    This time around I have been turning my studio into a happy place with meaning.  A lot of it has been intentionally designed with how it makes me feel.  Here is my list of 4 things you can add to your happy place to make it yours!

  • Your favorite color(s):  Color can instantly change your mood.  I have a whole wall in one favorite color, and a few little pops around of another.  These make me happy right when I walk in!  I mean... who doesn't like immediate gratification?
  • Your favorite quotes:  Add posters, signs, chalkboards, even post-it notes with uplifting and inspirational quotes on them.  These will make a bigger difference than you think they can.  I really love letterboards and chalkboards because you can change the quote as often as you want.  Use them to help you achieve a goal you are currently working on!
  • Your favorite people:  Photos will do the trick, but if you can add actual people, I will give you extra points!
  • Your intentional goals:  Have you hear the quote, "a goal without a plan is just a wish."  Make goals big and small.  If you accomplish one, you can accomplish them all.  (Ooh, I just rhymed!)  Accomplishments big and small will boost your self confidence and inspire you to achieve even more. 

    I would love to hear what makes your happy place so special!  If yours is a work in progress like mine ALWAYS is, try adding a few of the things above to make it extra special!

Leisa W.


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