Top 10 Items To Pack For Disneyland

Top 10 Items To Pack For Disneyland


Spring is almost here, and you know what that means…Spring Break trips!! One of our favorite places to go to is Disneyland! At Sunshine Native, we love bringing joy and happiness to people like you through the pieces we make, and that’s a huge reason why Sunshine Native and Disney are a perfect combination. We put together this list of 10 MUST have items to bring along to Disneyland to make your trip magical!

  1. Backpack

You’re going to need something to hold all of your must-haves in, and of course any souvenirs or snacks you may pick up along the way.

  1. Sunscreen
Sunburns are not fun! Make sure to pack one that has high SPF just in case you forget to reapply.
  1. Portable Charger
Between playing games on your phone during long wait times for rides and taking selfies with your favorite Disney princesses, you want to make sure your phone is all charged up throughout the day!
  1. Poncho
 Weather is seriously crazy in California. One minute it can be all sunny, and the next it can be downpouring! Make sure to pack one of these just in case, and you can use it on the water rides to protect your clothes!
  1. Chapstick
 Make sure to pack one that has some SPF in it so your lips don’t get a sunburn, that would be not so magical.
  1. Hand Sanitizer
This one is a must-have to keep on hand, literally, right before you have one of their iconic churros!
  1. Extra Socks or Shoes
 After taking a ride on Splash Mountain, you’ll definitely be in need of a new socks or shoes
  1. Snacks
Granola bars and trail mixes are great to have on hand when waiting for hours in a long line to get onto your favorite ride
  1. Your Fave Mickey Ears
Mickey's ears are iconic to wear at Disneyland, and they make the cutest insta-worthy photos!
  1. Mickey Inspired Jewelry

If Mickey Ears aren’t your thing, we created the perfect collection of Disney pieces for you! Show how much you love Disney with our ‘Best Day Ever’ bangle or our “I’m here for the churros” necklace!   

Our latest pieces were inspired by the Happiest Place on Earth, and we created them so that you will always have the Disney magic with you! We hope this list helped with remembering everything you will need on your Disney trip. Don’t forget to bring happiness with you, even after leaving the park, by wearing one of our Mickey inspired bracelets or necklaces!

Here’s the link to the whole collection:

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